Why do I need a day-of wedding coordinator?

Day-of wedding coordinator takes care of the details.

Hi there! I’m Debra from dt’s details and I have a passion for details, coordinating and weddings. I’ve been specializing in day-of wedding coordinating since 2009 and have actually lost count of how many times people ask me why a couple would need a wedding coordinator. I’m happy to let you in on the many reasons.

Chances are you’ve got your dream wedding planned out and you don’t need any help with that aspect. I totally get that – We all know that’s the fun part! But have you begun putting all of those details together and started wondering who is going to take care of all those things that need to be done but may not seem so glamorous to your family or friends? Don’t you want them enjoying every moment of your special day with you? Even the best of intentions can go way-side when the reception begins and guests really start to celebrate. Then what?

Who is going to be distributing vendor payments and/or gratuities and meeting those vendors to coordinate set-up? What about answering vendor questions as the day unfolds or troubleshooting issues that arise? Or maybe you can’t get into your venue to decorate until the morning of your special day, and goodness knows you and your team will be busy with hair, makeup and just getting ready…who is going to take care of that and do so with every detail done to your expectations? And who is taking all that stuff down at the end of the night? Who is going to make sure the bridal party gets down the aisle in the correct order, with proper spacing and knows the music changes for the Bride’s entrance? The list of things a day-of wedding coordinator handles is extensive; are you already finding the necessity of booking one for your special day?

Oh! And a fantastic day-of wedding coordinator in the Madison area doesn’t have to break your budget – Check out our services or contact us to learn even more.

Hope to meet you soon! 🙂

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