Testimonials (continued)

Read more kind words from my previous clients:


Our day turned out amazing–exactly how we pictured–and it was largely in part to you! We can’t thank you enough! We both agree that hiring you was the best money we spent on our wedding.

Planning our wedding from California wasn’t an easy task, but with your help, everything went off without a hitch. You were extremely organized, professional and best of all—you were a moment of calm in our sea of craziness.

You truly understand how significant a wedding is for not only the bridge and groom, but for everyone else involved in the day. From our parents and the wedding party to little kids and friends who had a few cocktails too many, you treated everyone with the utmost respect. I have been to weddings in the past where the wedding planner barked demands at everyone all day long—it was such a relief that you were not like that at all—but you still got everything done to perfection!

And of course, your execution of everything was amazing. Everything looked better than I imagined. Everything was on time. And honestly, I can’t name one thing that went awry. And the best part is I don’t remember you asking me questions on the day-of for how things should be done, where things should be, etc. Our meetings before the big day, as well as your good judgment, experience and eye for design made everything turn out perfect. With so many other things going on that day, I have no idea how we could have done it without you.

Thank you for handling our day with such gracefulness and hard work—it truly was the best day of our lives!

-Alexis & Ben, San Francisco, CA


I highly recommend Debra. My girlfriend suggested Debra to me after her June wedding in Oregon. I had played around with the idea a little, but thought that we didn’t have the budget for it. Let me tell you, it was the best decision of the wedding! Not only does Debra pay close attention to details, but she seamlessly blends into the backdrop and gets everything done just to how you two want it. And no one is the wiser that she’s even there!

I never felt that she was behind or lacking in any area. She was always on top of things. For instance, we had a couple surprise guests that were not on the RSVP list, but she worked with the banquet coordinator and set up chairs, even had name tags for them written out (buy extra with no names, they might come in handy!)

Both my husband and I feel like we would have been a mess trying to deal with family and friends with their hundreds of questions “where should I stand” “how do I tie my tie” “can I have a different salad dressing”. It really helped put our minds at ease knowing that all he and I had to do was show up and she was in charge of everything else.

I think Debra is a wonderful wedding coordinator and she’s very talented. I would say that she’s definitely the way to go!

-Chrissy & Avery, Madison, WI


Working with Debra was great – she really made our wedding day run as smoothly as possible. If any problems arose with our other vendors, we didn’t know about it! She also allowed our friends and family to really enjoy the day, since no one had to worry about setting up or taking down decorations. She handled it all!

Debra was professional and friendly – our vendors and friends all commented on how hard she worked and how great everything looked.

-Sarah & Brad, Madison, WI