What’s the Value of a Wedding Coordinator?

Day-of wedding coordinator takes care of the details.

When I’m asked about the value of a day-of wedding coordinator, the answer is simple: A day-of wedding coordinator is priceless!

Ok, let’s break it down. When you think about the investment you’re making in your special day, consider all of the services a day-of coordinator offers plus the hours she or he puts in prior-to and on your wedding day, plus having the satisfaction of a smooth wedding day, what you get for the price charged means having a day-of wedding coordinator is a must!

  • Which other vendor is with you, or at your venue, from the very beginning at set-up to the very end when the last guest has left?
  • Which other vendor has knowledge of every little detail you have planned, from the way you’d like the dinner napkins folded to the first dance song?
  • Which other vendor has an answer for virtually any question asked, by anyone?
  • Which other vendor troubleshoots the issues that arise, at any point in the day?

Can you see where I’m going here? A day-of wedding coordinator helps with every part of the day, from setting up the beautiful decorations you’ve hand-crafted to pinning on boutonnieres, packing away your decorations at the end of the night and everything in-between. Don’t get me wrong, every single vendor plays a vital role on your special day, but a day-of wedding coordinator is just as important. And when you breakdown the pricing, the value of a day-of coordinator is pretty amazing.

These suggestions are based on services provided by dt’s details and notes and comments my previous clients have made about my services after their special day; I can’t speak for the other day-of wedding coordinators in the Madison, WI area. So when you’re trying to decide if you can fit a day-of wedding coordinator into your budget, think about what having a stress-free wedding day is worth to you. I’d bet you may agree that it’s priceless.

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Happy Planning!

Wedding Budget – Spend or Skimp?

Beautiful centerpieces at wedding

Hello future bride or groom to be! You’re probably in the process of planning your wedding and find yourself wondering about the expenses that seem to be adding up. Are you wondering where you could allow yourself to splurge and where you should reign it in? My list of top priorities includes the dress, a day-of coordinator (I know a really great one!) and photographer. Your photos are really the best things you’ll have to remember the day. And a really great photographer, like Ray + Kelly Photography or Melissa and Aaron of East Elm Photography, will capture every single detail you spent so much time planning and putting together, plus others you didn’t. Get to know them. Check out their work and reviews from their previous clients so you know what you can expect.

Having worked with a variety of photographers, I’m always happy to give recommendations. Contact me! Maybe you’ve already booked your photographer and other vendors but now you’re wondering who’s going to take care of the growing list of tasks that fall on the day-of – Read about the benefits of having a day-of coordinator and let’s meet to chat details.



*Photo by East Elm Photography

What’s the difference between a wedding coordinator and a wedding planner?

Let the day of wedding coordinator take care of pinning on boutonnieres!

I often get called a wedding planner, and that’s just not accurate. There is a definite difference between a wedding coordinator and a wedding planner.

A wedding coordinator does just that – coordinates and orchestrates the day of the wedding. She, or he, simply put, “runs the show,” troubleshooting questions and issues, meeting vendors and directing guests and others in the right direction and overseeing the events and happenings of the day.

A wedding planner works with the couple from the very beginning, planning and designing the wedding. This includes working with the budget and creating the schedule, finding and booking the venue and vendors and all of the other planning that goes into your special wedding day.

We all know planning is the fun part! So pull all of your dreams and ideas together and plan out all the aspects of your special day, then leave the details to me day-of so you can enjoy the day with your family and friends. Let’s get started – contact me!



*Photo by East Elm Photography – if you’re still looking for a wedding photographer, be sure to check them out!

Some details aren’t so small…

naked wedding cake because of details missed Does this wedding cake look like it’s missing something?

If your eyes were drawn to the gaping opening between the beautiful, simple layers or the cake-topper K that appears to be floating, then you noticed too – it’s missing the flowers that were supposed to make the cake extra pretty!!

Sadly, this is my wedding cake. Prior to becoming a day-of wedding coordinator, I too thought I was Super Bride and could handle absolutely everything that went into a wedding. To save on the additional $75 delivery fee for a 2nd delivery spot, I relied on the men of our bridal party to complete the reception set-up and decorating on the morning of our special day while me and my girls got hair and makeup done. One of the tasks on their list was to add flowers to the centerpieces and cake. Mistake. While they had good intentions, they just didn’t take care of everything they were supposed to; they too had to get changed and ready for photos and overlooked this major detail. Plus, day-of coordinating just isn’t their thing. Imagine my disappointment when we arrived at the reception and went to cut the cake…ugh! So sad!

This is reason #150 to have a day-of coordinator for your special day. The benefits of having someone with the knowledge, training and eye for details are endless. You shouldn’t look back at your wedding photos and find things you planned weren’t followed through with. I hope my pre-professional Bride mistake can help you decide on the need for a day-of wedding coordinator!

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Why do I need a day-of wedding coordinator?

Day-of wedding coordinator takes care of the details.

Hi there! I’m Debra from dt’s details and I have a passion for details, coordinating and weddings. I’ve been specializing in day-of wedding coordinating since 2009 and have actually lost count of how many times people ask me why a couple would need a wedding coordinator. I’m happy to let you in on the many reasons.

Chances are you’ve got your dream wedding planned out and you don’t need any help with that aspect. I totally get that – We all know that’s the fun part! But have you begun putting all of those details together and started wondering who is going to take care of all those things that need to be done but may not seem so glamorous to your family or friends? Don’t you want them enjoying every moment of your special day with you? Even the best of intentions can go way-side when the reception begins and guests really start to celebrate. Then what?

Who is going to be distributing vendor payments and/or gratuities and meeting those vendors to coordinate set-up? What about answering vendor questions as the day unfolds or troubleshooting issues that arise? Or maybe you can’t get into your venue to decorate until the morning of your special day, and goodness knows you and your team will be busy with hair, makeup and just getting ready…who is going to take care of that and do so with every detail done to your expectations? And who is taking all that stuff down at the end of the night? Who is going to make sure the bridal party gets down the aisle in the correct order, with proper spacing and knows the music changes for the Bride’s entrance? The list of things a day-of wedding coordinator handles is extensive; are you already finding the necessity of booking one for your special day?

Oh! And a fantastic day-of wedding coordinator in the Madison area doesn’t have to break your budget – Check out our services or contact us to learn even more.

Hope to meet you soon! 🙂

Debra - dt's details wedding coordinator