Some details aren’t so small…

naked wedding cake because of details missed Does this wedding cake look like it’s missing something?

If your eyes were drawn to the gaping opening between the beautiful, simple layers or the cake-topper K that appears to be floating, then you noticed too – it’s missing the flowers that were supposed to make the cake extra pretty!!

Sadly, this is my wedding cake. Prior to becoming a day-of wedding coordinator, I too thought I was Super Bride and could handle absolutely everything that went into a wedding. To save on the additional $75 delivery fee for a 2nd delivery spot, I relied on the men of our bridal party to complete the reception set-up and decorating on the morning of our special day while me and my girls got hair and makeup done. One of the tasks on their list was to add flowers to the centerpieces and cake. Mistake. While they had good intentions, they just didn’t take care of everything they were supposed to; they too had to get changed and ready for photos and overlooked this major detail. Plus, day-of coordinating just isn’t their thing. Imagine my disappointment when we arrived at the reception and went to cut the cake…ugh! So sad!

This is reason #150 to have a day-of coordinator for your special day. The benefits of having someone with the knowledge, training and eye for details are endless. You shouldn’t look back at your wedding photos and find things you planned weren’t followed through with. I hope my pre-professional Bride mistake can help you decide on the need for a day-of wedding coordinator!

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3 thoughts on “Some details aren’t so small…

  1. What a great reminder of how easy it is to let small, but important (to the bride) details slip your mind when you have 100 others to sort through! Boy, I sure am happy that I had you to accompany me on the day of my wedding!!

    Happy Bride

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