What’s the Value of a Wedding Coordinator?

Day-of wedding coordinator takes care of the details.

When I’m asked about the value of a day-of wedding coordinator, the answer is simple: A day-of wedding coordinator is priceless!

Ok, let’s break it down. When you think about the investment you’re making in your special day, consider all of the services a day-of coordinator offers plus the hours she or he puts in prior-to and on your wedding day, plus having the satisfaction of a smooth wedding day, what you get for the price charged means having a day-of wedding coordinator is a must!

  • Which other vendor is with you, or at your venue, from the very beginning at set-up to the very end when the last guest has left?
  • Which other vendor has knowledge of every little detail you have planned, from the way you’d like the dinner napkins folded to the first dance song?
  • Which other vendor has an answer for virtually any question asked, by anyone?
  • Which other vendor troubleshoots the issues that arise, at any point in the day?

Can you see where I’m going here? A day-of wedding coordinator helps with every part of the day, from setting up the beautiful decorations you’ve hand-crafted to pinning on boutonnieres, packing away your decorations at the end of the night and everything in-between. Don’t get me wrong, every single vendor plays a vital role on your special day, but a day-of wedding coordinator is just as important. And when you breakdown the pricing, the value of a day-of coordinator is pretty amazing.

These suggestions are based on services provided by dt’s details and notes and comments my previous clients have made about my services after their special day; I can’t speak for the other day-of wedding coordinators in the Madison, WI area. So when you’re trying to decide if you can fit a day-of wedding coordinator into your budget, think about what having a stress-free wedding day is worth to you. I’d bet you may agree that it’s priceless.

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Happy Planning!